Here is the room of my knowledges' stock.
Making parade of my (uncertain!?) knowledges,
and I hope that they'll be a little useful for you !

I write mainly about the history of
aero-dynamics-devices for getting downforce.
At the same time, I intorduce you many old F-1 machines,
Grand Prix episodes and so on.

Chapter1: Invention of Wing

Vol.1 : The Beginning of Wing
Vol.2 : Restriction of Wing

Chapter2: Get Downforce by Whole of Body !

Vol.3 : Four-wheel-drive and Wedge-shape
Vol.4 : Wedge-shape and Sports-car Nose

Chapter3: Ventury Magic

Vol.5 : The Beginning of Grandeffect
Vol.6 : Ventury-car(1)
Vol.7 : Ventury-car(2)
Vol.8 : Ventury-car(3)
Vol.9 : The Revolution of Lotus 79
Vol.10 : Lotus 79 & Rivals(1)
Vol.11 : Lotus 79 & Rivals(2)
Vol.12 : Fan Car - Brabham BT46B(1)
Vol.13 : Fan Car - Brabham BT46B(2)

Chapter4: Second Genelation Tripped Up

Vol.14 : the Ambition of the "2nd Genelations"
Vol.14 : of Ventury-Car
Vol.15 : Limit of Ventury-Car
Vol.16 : Counterattack of Ferrari
Vol.17 : Remarkable Progress of Williams
Vol.18 : Challenge of Renault
Vol.19 : The Beginning of Regulation of
Vol.19 : Ventury-Car

Chapter5: The End of Ventury-Car

Vol.20 : "The Tragic Revolutionary" Lotus 88
Vol.21 : "The Formation of Empire"
Vol.21 : McLaren=Project4
Vol.22 : Unfinished 6-wheels Car
Vol.23 : "Free-for-all" '82 Season
Vol.24 : "Devilish Speed" Ferrari126C2

Chapter6: Flat Bottom Battle

Vol.25 : "Faster than Arrow!?" Brabham BT52
Vol.26 : Diffuser Break-through
Vol.27 : Tendency of Each Team in '83
Vol.28 : Coke Bottle Tail & TAG Porsche Turbo
Vol.29 : Tendency of Each Team in '84

Midterm Summery: "PAST MASTERS"

Vol.30 : "PAST MASTERS" Vol.1
Vol.31 : "PAST MASTERS" Vol.2

Chapter7: Turbo Engine Golden Days,
Chapter7: Restrictions and Decline

Vol.32 : Rivalry of Turbo Engine
Vol.33 : "Flat-Fish Car" - Brabham BT55
Vol.34 : "Richly Colored Aero-Machine"
Vol.34 : - Benetton B186

Extra Chapter: Special Issues

Extra Volume 1 : Arrows & Shadow
Extra Volume 2 : Talk about '98 season
Extra Volume 3 : Report of Historic Car Festival
Extra Volume 3 : @FISCO in 17th.Oct.1999

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